Kamran Zahedi is the President of Urbanica Inc. Graduating from MIT in 1980 with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Kamran made Boston as his home base and began his entreprenuerial ventures at a young age.

He traveled up north to work on renovating old mills in New Hampshire. For the past 30 years, by happenstance and by strategy, he has worked on more than a dozen renovations and new-built projects of various scale; each unique with its historical contexts and challenges.

Driven by a passion for reimagining a new future for urban living, a penchant for progressive design and a respect for existing context, Kamran has created a niche for transforming and revitalizing living, working and playing spaces in Boston and inspires his team to bring something entirely new to the table.

Today, Urbanica has grown from a company of one into a vertically intergrated design-oriented development firm with a focus on private and public partnerships. With great energy, Kamran continues to search for new ideas and inspirations in creating great spaces.

B.S. in Architecture and Civil Engineering from MIT, 1980
Certification, Center for Real Estate, MIT, 1991
Licensed Construction Supervisor, Boston, MA

President of Urbanica, 2002 - Present
President of Turnkey Development, Inc., 1996 - Present
Manager of mod.A Architecture, LLC, 2001 - Present
President of Built Form Development, Design and Construction, 1981-96
General partner for various real estate partnerships since 1985
Former Faculty at the Boston Architectural Center, 1986