Urbanica, Inc. is a Boston‐based design/development company known for its outstanding design-oriented development and value‐added projects. Atypical of most development companies, we develop through design; we design through partnership. We believe that our ethos, differentiation by design, can lead to outstanding developments.

Each of Urbanica’s projects is uniquely developed through collaborations between designers, engineers, consultants, investors, financial institutions, legal advisors, real estate professionals and local leaders; each is brilliantly executed to the highest degree of quality and each resulted in highly desirable products for end users to live in and enjoy.


We identify the potential in less‐than‐obvious places. We have 30 years of experience in transforming these underutilized buildings and sites into icons of contemporary spaces. Our projects range from single family homes to mixed‐use high‐rises.

We add value to our developments by combining astute design sensibilities. Partnering with cuttingedge local and international designers with, we create new interventions that are contextually sensitive yet innovative. We believe good design is essential not only financially but also for the well‐being of society.


We initiate our projects with solid financial investors, respected local business partners and governmental agencies, to help create wealth and growth in the local economy.

We manage a team of top‐notch subcontractors and vendors who help translate our visions into reality using the latest technology and sustainable methods.

We believe in the total package ‐ creating a brand image that is consistent with the developer’s vision and design intent through marketing using effective and visually striking campaigns.

We combine contemporary and out-of-the-box design-oriented developments
with social, economic and environmental consciousness